Complaint Definition: “A statement that something is unsatisfactory or unacceptable”

Why do Brightwater Executive have a Complaints Policy in place?

Brightwater Executive have in place a present-day, robust Complaints Policy to ensure that the best interests of clients, candidates and any individuals associated with the Brightwater Group are safeguarded always. Our Compliance Management system is a proven way of maintaining and building relationships with the people engaging with Brightwater Executive services.

As a consultation service whose purpose is centred on customers (be it candidates or clients) we openly welcome and encourage truthful and honest Customer Feedback so as to effectively manage dis-satisfactory and/or antithetic service delivery going forward.

What is the scope of the policy, and who does it involve?

Be it in the form of written, online or physical verbal communication, we have in place an array of methods across platforms to effectively communicate complaints and feedback. They are as follows:

Business Support: We have a dedicated team of business administrators across all three offices to operate and manage all calls and emails directed towards the Brightwater group with the view to highlighting dis-satisfactory service delivery. All are skilled and trained in managing such complaints and, if not mediating them, directing them forward to a specific point of contact to which (to the best of their knowledge) they can be resolved.

Consultants: Our consultants are all trained professionals who, among other accomplishments and competencies, operate optimally in dealing with people. Our end-to-end recruitment guarantees all candidates and associates a dedicated point of contact to effectively operate the recruitment process for those involved. Complaints are automatically flagged and instantly dealt with to ensure that understanding and transparency are at the core of service delivery/undertaking for all parties.

Online Support: Brightwater Executive have always been conscious of the importance of upkeeping communication methods, be it in-person or online. For that reason, we have a highly active social media presence across an array of channels to instantly match complaints with resolutions.

Individuals are instantly contacted with a view to resolving any such issues in an understanding and time-efficient manner, a manner that accommodates and best suits their needs and availability (face-to-face, email, phone etc).

What are the desired outcomes of the policy?

This policy is in place to ensure that Brightwater Executive have and will handle complaints, disputes and queries in a fair, efficient and effective manner. All individuals involved should uphold confidence that such complaints (etc.) are dealt with in a professional and confidential manner.

Please direct all complaints or queries regarding our services to Aoife Clarke, Director of Operations – [email protected] or 00 353 1 264 9780. We will investigate your complaint or query and will respond within 48 hours with a view to resolving the complaint or query. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with how your complaint or query was dealt with, please contact our Managing Director, Gareth Fleming – [email protected]