Brightwater Executive is an international network of highly-skilled, diverse senior management talent. We’re committed to excellent customer service and pride ourselves on a speedy delivery to what you need in terms of career growth and development.

Executive Search is a highly tailored service so no search is the same. We work closely with our candidates to ensure we fully understand their career strategy and match your skills and experience to a wide network of our client partners ensuring there is a natural alignment of your values with that of your next employer’s principles and values.

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Mentors is a sister company to the Brightwater Group. The Mentors’ team draws from years of executive experience in best-in-class multinational companies such as Smurfit, Diageo, INM and Glanbia to name a few. Mentorship services are provided through these highly experienced former executives. They act as a combination of mentor, coach and senior advisor to clients, as well as having chairperson and / or non-executive director roles as required. These services can be for the client organisation as a whole, or for specific individuals (or groups) within the organisation.